Sunday, March 1, 2009


Electric Boogaloo

Saving the world . . . once again

"Must press button now! Wait . . . must press this other button over here!"

I swore I would not let my living room become overrun by cheap plastic crap that beeps and flashes lights. Resistance is futile.

Feelin' Irie


Bend It Like Beckham

Twinkle Toes

Early Birds

Our morning hike up Bernal hill has become something of a family tradition. It's a great way to start each day and Benjamin loves being outside.
View from the top
"One day, my son, this will all be yours . . . "
Outfitted for the AM chill. You know you want those booties.

Chowing Down

Most Awesomest Video

Family Gallery

We loved having the Hendlishes Sr. in town for a long weekend! Here are the shots from our photo shoot from their visit, along with some special extras . . .

With Grammy and Zayde Cousins Lia and Evie

With both sets of grandparents
Grammy Sharon and Zayde Seth

Savta MalkaAdmiring Onlookers

Lia and Tanta Sarah
With Aunt Ilana and Uncle Yishai
Evie with Uncle Abe
Aunt Ilana, Uncle Yishai & cousin Evie