Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Nap

Being 1 is exhausting! Luckily Aunt Ilana is comfy.


Actually, the original "Abiqutie" is my cousin Taslim, but we're borrowing the moniker for the purposes of this posting (thanks Taz!). Momma and Benji took our first trip together minus daddy to Abiquiu, NM, home of the Van Hattum family and many happy times in one of the most beautiful places on earth. All pics courtesy of Taslim and Samia Van Hattum.

Chowing on avocados

in the Van Hattum kitchen
At the mosque
with cousin Fatima in the garden

with "auntie" Samia

Benjamins bonding

Favorite game of the summer

New wheels

Life's a Beach

First trip to Stinson Beach, momma's old stomping ground.

Farmer Abe, Farmer Babe & Farmer Baby

To celebrate the summer solstice we took the Bunj on his first camping trip up at the farm that grows our vegetables. We all had a great time and love eating fresh seasonal food grown locally. We especially enjoyed meeting Nigel, our farmer, and eating eggs fresh out of the chicken for breakfast on Sunday morning. braiding garlic

We got to keep this, so if you ever come to our house for a meal you will be able to
keep the vampires away for at least a week afterward.
Standing up on his own was a new trick for Benjamin at the time.

meeting the baby chickens

Uncle Jakie

Uncle Jakie is a lawyer. That's funny.

Daddy's side of the family

Bracha Gold and Sarah Porat
Avram Gold
Barkai Porat