Thursday, August 6, 2009

For Posterity

3 1/2 minute video of Benjamin with his great-grandmother. It was worth travelling 10,000 miles with a 10-month old for this!!!


Benjamin's great-grandfather "Papa" (Sarah's father's father) was born in Romania. He had 6 brothers and sisters, all of whom left, escaping anti-Semitism. "Papa" settled in America, one sibling went to Israel, and the other 5 ended up in France. This was a reunion of the American and Israeli branches of the family. Hopefully the French family can make it to the next one!
With cousins Rachel, Shira & Janet

Rabbi Dan (Janet's husband) with Yael and Florence Salomon
Dana Salomon
Ziv Yekutieli (Yael's husband), Yael, Avrami, Sarah, Dana & Ofer (Dana's husband)

Sharing toys with cousin Amalia

New mommas: Yael with 2-month-old baby daughter Carmel
The Salomon ladies
Emil & Florence Salomon with son-in-law Ziv and granddaughter Carmel
Andy Kaufman with granddaughter Rachel
Jonah (Janet's son) was fascinated with Benjamin.

Exploring the Old City

Meeting Great-Grandma, Jerusalem, May 2009